Paramedics Headshots

For the past couple of years I have been invited to the Halton Paramedics Head Office to provide them with Paramedics Headshots.  The first year I photographed all the Paramedics.  I provided Paramedic headshots to all of the paramedics so that they would all have a similar look.  A unison appeal.  Every year after I photographed the New Hires.

There are many different ways to photograph a headshot.  It could be with natural light or artificial.  As well as a mix of both.  Which is what I use when I photograph Paramedics Headshots.  Headshots usually are photographed indoors.  However, there are some pretty unique shots you can get outside!  These Paramedics Headshots are very specific in the look they wished to achieve.  Full body, with a plain grey background.  The Canadian Flag was also used as a prop in the photo.  However, it was not the focal point in the headshot.  Paramedics Headshots were taken with and without their hat on.  Some Paramedics have different pins or adornments on their uniforms that showcase different achievements.

In short, it does not matter what you choose as your backdrop.  The point of a Headshot is to showcase the person, the company, or something you are trying to convey.  Obviously these Paramedics Headshots are unique to them.   Comparatively to a Realtor or any other professional the fundamentals are the same.  In fact, all indoor headshots are set up the same way!

Looking for a more unique look!?!

Go outside!  The background is different.  Unique!  and Full of Life!  This type of headshot is ideally for creative types, artists, yoga, etc.  By and large companies that do not have a lot of employees, where unison would be the goal.

All things considered, a headshot tells a lot about you!  So make sure it is saying exactly what you want it to!

It is an honour to photograph these fine men and woman!

Paramedics HeadshotsParamedics Headshots

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