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I had been meaning to blog about this for some time now, but something always had come up and never really got the chance to go back and talk about some very exciting news. For 2009/2010 Gibson Precision Photography has partnered up and advertised with The Perfect Wedding. The Perfect Wedding is an amazing hand out that all brides will receive from their welcome wagon booth upon arrival to the show. These hand outs have already been given out to thousands of beautiful brides already at both the Hamilton and Burlington Winter Bridal shows. They will be available throughout the year all across the GTA and Golden Horseshoe. Gibson Precision Photography provided a number of smaller “stock” type photo’s to put into the other categories as well. For those of you with the Wedding Book, our photos will be easy to spot as the kind people from The Perfect Wedding have accredited all of the photos.

Here is a sample of what our ad looks like:

Toronto Wedding Photographer

The following is a quoted article off the Perfect Wedding’s website that speaks a lot to customers, and the care and importance of a Wedding Photographer.

It has often been said that “A picture is worth a thousand word”. And what better day to capture those words but on your wedding day, the most important day of your life. Remember, after the day is over, all you have left are your memories. Great photographs preserve those precious memories forever. If you’re trying to keep the costs of your wedding down, don’t try to save in this area – choose chicken instead of prime rib if you must but hire a professional photographer who you can work with. The money you spend will be well worth it.

With the downturn in the economy, many couples try to save in this area, thinking that guests with their digital cameras and cell phones can capture the memories. But beware, the results are often disastrous. For example, traditional group shots are a vital part of your album. Posing the people, ensuring proper lighting and making sure everyone is smiling is a job best left to a professional. Many times, amateurs forget to take these pictures. Or, if they do, the photos lack design, the people look bored, or worse yet, significant members of the wedding party are missing. A professional photographer is contracted by you. As such, he/she will take all the shots you have requested. In contrast, a friend may get absorbed in the moment and forget important events such as the cake cutting.

When selecting your photographer and comparing the various prices quoted, remember the old adage “You always get what you pay for”. This is certainly true in most circumstances. In these times of economic restraints, one must be extremely careful in not always selecting the lowest quote, without taking that extra care in checking out the photographer’s work, and methods of achieving the end result. Ask for references, call these customers and ask them their opinions on the service. This will help you in selecting the photographer you feel will give you the results you want.

Professional photographers capture the emotion and excitement of the bride and groom, feelings that will be shared with family and friends for years to come. A good professional photographer will meet with the bride and groom before the Big Day in order to determine not only the locations and times of the events of your Wedding Day, but travel times to the different locations. What pictures are required, how to pose the individuals, and how long it will take to create the photographs at each location. During this meeting, be sure to establish a good understanding of what to expect during the photo session This is an important step in allowing you to relax and be your natural best on the Big Day, which will inevitably result in much better wedding photographs.

Flexibility is an important aspect of photography. A professional photographer should be prepared to accommodate your wishes , but be in a position to offer sound advice if these wishes may not result in the photographs you will expect. Good equipment also adds to the quality of the end product. All professional photographers use equipment that is in perfect working order, but always carry backup cameras, as no matter how well a piece of equipment is maintained, there is always that possibility of an unexpected breakdown.

When discussing the pricing structure, make sure you are advised of exactly what is included in the price. Get a price for the mothers’ books and maybe one or more books for the bridesmaids. Formal pre-wedding photographs (if you plan to publish the notices in your local newspaper) include engagement portraits and the formal wedding portraits. Both should be taken a few weeks before the event date and submitted to the newspaper at least one week before the date of publication.

Photography Styles:
There are three styles of photography: Traditional, candid and fashion or contemporary. Traditional style is basically the old-school posed group and couple shots. Candid shots are photojournalistic in nature, covering things as they happen in a natural way. Fashion or contemporary photography is very posed, magazine-like and glamorous. Knowing which style you like best is the key to being happy with your photos. While most photographers usually shoot a combination of all three styles, many photographers have a particular style. It is important that your preferences be voiced in the interview stage so that you can both choose the photographer that’s right for you and ensure you get the style of photographs you want. Regardless of your style, the importance of traditional portraiture should never be overlooked.

These are the photos that will form the backbone of your album. Remember also to include portraiture in your wedding album. When you consider the preparation to look your most beautiful and also the cost ( your gown, accessories, makeup, hair, jewelry, flowers etc), it makes sense to capture this effort and expense with wedding portraits.

Have a great week!

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